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Friday, April 13, 2007

My Christian View on Stem-Cell Research

Most secular humanists are shocked to learn that I am all for Stem-Cell Research. As far as my limited research has concluded, Stem-Cells have been directly responsible for children with diabetes being cured completely, returning motion and even function to paraplegics, and improving the success rates of Leukemia treatment.

Stem-Cells are certainly the greatest medical discovery of the modern world, and their merits and uses should be explored to their vast potential.

Where a secular humanist and I differ are where those Stem-Cells should come from. A secular humanist hears the word, “Stem-Cell” and instantly thinks of a Petri dish with a tiny human being in it. When I hear the word Stem-Cell, I think to marrow cells, umbilical cells, and amniotic cells. Albeit out of these three, the marrow-cell, otherwise known as the adult-cell, is showing the most promise in the laboratory.

Without a Christian World-view it is nearly impossible to realize why the secular world is so hung up on the embryonic(human baby)-cells. They show no potential for success in test-animals and are more likely to cause cancer in lab-rats than to cure their ailments. As a Christian it is easy to see why secular science is so obsessed with the dead-end road of embryonic-cells. The Bible tells us that those that hate God love death. The Pro-Lifer’s have allowed their opponents to gain an upper hand in semantics by calling them Pro-Choice, when the proper and real term they have earned and deserve is Pro-Death. The Pro-Death group of people know, deep down in their conscience, that killing babies is wrong. No matter how dull their conscience is, it still hurts to know a baby has lost its life for their selfish purposes. This is why the embryonic-cell has so much potential for the Pro-Death crowd, because if the embryonic-cell could somehow become the greatest miracle the world has ever known (to them), then the 50~ Million babies they have killed will not have been in vain. Just as the Nazi’s hid behind science when they dropped people from airplanes to study the effects of gravity on the human body, the secular humanist is justifying the means by the ends; the means are babycide.

I would love to see the Michael J. Fox’s of the world cured, quadriplegic’s walk again, and the disease of diabetes go the way of small-pox and polio. These are real possibilities, things that we may see in our life-time. But embryonic-cells and killing babies will not bring us to these ends. In order to exploit our newfound miracle of Stem-Cell’s, there is one direction that has proven fruitful, which is as of yet an untapped well of untold remedies, and that direction is adult-cells. If you were unclear on Stem-Cells before, please don’t take my word for it, research these issues and realize just how much potential God has given us to cure our earthly ailments. Please, spread the word on the beautiful nature of adult-cells and condemn the malevolent nature of embryonic-cells. Write to your Congressmen detailing the merits and failures of both types.

Knowledge is the only way to the truth, and truth comes from hearing. Please don’t let your final opinion on this important matter be from a biased media; look at both sides of the argument.

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