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Friday, February 19, 2010

Superbowl Videos

A debrief / lesson of the weekend is located here:
Honor Christ as Holy, Middle School Bible Study 1 Peter 3:13-17

Three videos follow:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stolen Identity

Over the past two months I’ve had more and more exposure to the Church of Christ cult; prior to this I had spoken to some and witnessed to others, but it seems in the last two months I’ve seen their churches everywhere, had several confrontational conversations with members, and have been increasingly perturbed by the name of their cult.

The literal church of Christ is the universal body of believers comprised of the Israel of the Old Covenants and the Israel of God which is all Jews and Gentiles who have been born into the family of God, purchased by the blood of the Lamb. The name stealers, the Church of Christ who add works to salvation, get each other wet, then popishly declare themselves saved, have perverted the name and so you can no longer claim to be a member of the church of Christ without your hearers wondering if you believe in the anathema belief of baptismal regeneration.

Likewise, you cannot claim to be a member of the katholik church, or church according to the whole, because the Roman Catholic Church, who are equally condemned, have stolen that name. This organization has perverted names like Bishop, See, and Saint. Their works righteous system of salvation has somehow elevated certain debtors (Romans 4:4) to a higher state of grace and called them saints, when these people are not saints, rather only those who trust wholly in the Just and Justifier, Jesus Christ, are saints. (Romans 4:5)

Speaking of saints, Christians in these latter days ought to bear with boasting in Christ the name of Latter Day Saint. However, the cult of Moronism (followers of the fallen angels Moroni and Mormon) have stolen this name. While they are certainly latter day antichrists (1 John 2:18), they are far from saints. They have stolen my name and have blasphemed the name of Jehovah-Yasha (Jesus, Isaiah 49:26) in the process.

The drunken organization who publish the Watchtower Magazine claim to witness for Jehovah, but really they have only stolen another name of the Christian. These false-prophets misrepresent the godhead, willfully and maliciously edit his Word, and cross land and sea in order to make their proselytes twice the sons of Hell as themselves.

Others are less blatant but equally blasphemous. The woman ordaining, world loving, homosexual aggrandizing Episkopol Church drags the name of Christ through the mud (1 Peter 2:25); every Senior Pastor ought to weep when their title is applied to such an apostate organization. The mystical organization of the Orthodox Church has utterly cursed themselves through their false claim to orthodoxy. The skittish Anabaptists of the Amish have buried their lights under baskets and have misrepresented both the Resurrected Christ and the symbolic adult baptism he instituted.

All of these apostate cults have one major thing in common: they masquerade under biblical names yet reject the biblical King of Glory. The true church of Christ, katholik in scope, populated totally with Old Covenant and latter day saints, must be Jehovah’s witnesses, holding to orthodoxy, rightly understanding baptism, and with a hierarchy of episkopos, bishoprics, presbyters, and poimens in order to rightly live for Christ and make his name famous.

This is the true church, the body of Christ, which is the hope and joy and crown of boasting at the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. For we are not our own, but we have been bought with a price, so we must glorify God in our bodies.