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Monday, May 7, 2007

Philosophy and Theology

Del Tackett, of Focus on the Family, has said many profound things, I hold him in the top 10 Theologians living today (I am a theologianist – a studier of theologians). To use his own words, he put me in a cocoon, or in other words, made me rethink my entire theology, when he spoke one of the truest extraBiblical phrases I’ve ever heard.

While he’s not the first to say it, he’s the first one I heard say it;

Dr. Tackett said,
“In the end, true philosophy (the study of wisdom) and true theology (the study of God) must align with one another.”

The platonist Marsilio Ficino wrote in 1482, “True philosophy and true religion are in harmony with one another. Good, love, humanity, and immortality form the universe a hierarchy of beings from God down to prime matter, with humankind, the microcosm, as the center and bond of the universe.”

If this is the case, as I believe it is, then we should be able to prove a Deity, Sin, and Atonement without mention of faith, God, or even the Bible. Ray Comfort expounds on this idea by saying that if you have a building, you know there is a builder, if you have a painting, you know there is a painter, and if you have a creation, you know there is a Creator.

It is my contention that through a series of studies on various species of animals, that I may be able to show the love, compassion, justice, and grace of our God through philosophy, rather than theology.

In order to complete this study, I feel it necessary to invent a new word. Anthropomorphism is the applying of human traits to non-human entities. Similarly, Theomorphism is God attributing His image and righteousness to our sake (Gen 1:27, Job 29:14, 2 Cor 5:21). This word I intend to create is Biblomorphism. It's definition is easy to guess; applying Biblical principles to philosophical issues.

While some may call this new word a synonym for eisegesis, I assure you I will make every effort to adequately exegete my examinations.

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