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Friday, July 27, 2007

Answers in Genesis is Winning

In the beginning was the Word, then pseudoscientists told us it couldn't be trusted and introduced an unscientific hypothesis which is nothing more than religion, and full of holes (holy?).

In 1859 Charles Darwin introduced his hypothesis through the work, "The Origin of Species", as a christianist minister, Darwin knew the ramifications of kicking Genesis in the leg...the rest would topple. Christianity is surrounded by trinitarian assemblies, we have a Triune God, we have a body, mind(soul), and spirit, and we have three distinct ages in History; preflood, postflood/pre-Christ, and post-Christ. Christianity stands on Creation, Conscience, and Grace. This is an extremely stable foundation, but if one is removed, the others cannot support the load. Humanists are sawing through the conscience leg now, but at current our big problem is that Creation has been compromised.

In 1960, a century after the Origin of Species, Creationists struck back with the first of many books on Creation. Evolution had a 101 year head start, but we have the Truth on our side.

Ken Ham, originally an Australian, began his ministry in 1970. This ministry today is called Answers in Genesis and they recently opened their Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati. The grand opening was protested by extremely hateful and angry agnostics claiming to be atheists, but despite that, their museum has proved to be a hit.

They recently posted a press release announcing they had crossed the 100,000 visitor mark in seven weeks. Between 1800-2200 people visit daily, and are treated to a gorgeous display of dinosaurs, the Garden of Eden, and hundreds of scientific facts supporting the Creation Theory and destroying the evolution hypothesis.

Of my limited readership, all three or four of you, if you are active duty military then entrance into the museum is free, but it is reasonably priced otherwise.

Please pray for Ken and his wife Mally, and the entire team at Answers in Genesis. God has blessed their ministry abundantly, but as such they are faced with some of the harshest persecution in the free world. When the religion of evolution is only a memory, AiG will be credited as being a decisive force in fixing the Creation leg that Darwin broke; not just fixing it, but making it infinitely stronger.

In the words of AiG, Prepare to Believe.


Kat said...

I heard about this museum on the radio the other day -- How cool is that?! :) Yay for them! :)

Kat said...

PS - found there website:


Jessica Morris said...

thanks! how'd you find my blog?

Jessica Morris said...

lol, rather complex! Thanks for voting tho - and explaining the process of how you got to my blog!
You can vote once a day if you feel so led to do =)

I met Ken once ... I think it was him. I was at a conference in Toronto where there were several of the men from Answers in Genesis. I was a waitress (for the snacks) but one of the perks was that when they weren't eating I got to sit in on some of the seminars!! Cool, eh?

Max Havok said...

You said "...and hundreds of scientific facts supporting the Creation Theory and destroying the evolution hypothesis."

Can you give me some?
Keep in mind: They need to support Creationism AND "destroy" evolution. None of this "evolution doesn't know, therefore Creationism is right" junk either.

What do you have?