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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Millennial Reign

While eschatology is important, it is nothing to consume you. It could be argued that by getting you to climb this mountain of prophecy, the devil has effectively removed you from the ranks of able-bodied preachers, in order to do his will.

Jesus spoke of feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, befriending the stranger, and visiting the imprisoned. All of these have an esoteric and exoteric meaning, but none has anything to do with end-times theology.

Stephen was stoned knowing nothing of eschatology, James knew only what Christ had told him, the thief on the cross knew only the Gospel, and the Ethiopian Eunich ran off to Africa without a copy of the Books of Revelation, Matthew, or Thessalonians. Each of these men is safely held in the hand of God without the faintest idea of Christ's return.

Revelation contains valuable ministerial information, Dr. John MacArthur calls 2 Thessalonians a Pastoral Epistle instead of an Eschatological Epistle, and all scripture is valuable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. The value of eschatology is not in a proper understanding of the Gospel or a litmus test for salvation, but a promise and expectation that this present evil age will not last forever. Dr. William Varner states masterfully that prophecy is not given to form a calendar, but to form a character; a character of prayerfulness, watchfulness, honesty, and holiness.

Instead of arguing on which way the Millennial Reign will pan out, it is best to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, then go forth and preach the Gospel to all creation.

Christ is not preparing to say, "Well done, good and faithful servant, you figured out a difficult riddle at the expense of the hungry, thirsty, naked, lonely, and imprisoned."

The servant will be lauded for being good and faithful in delivering the Bread of Life, Living Water, Righteousness, Friendship, and Liberty to the lost and snatching them, in mercy, out of the fire.

Please consider this: eschatology is a fascinating subject, but its bearing on salvation is non-existent, and letting it consume you gives a temporary victory to satan in consuming the efforts of a valuable minister of Christ.


Kat said...

AMEN! :) Someone asked me recently, "Do you believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, mid-tribultion, or post-tribulation raputre?"

I told that person I was a "pan tribulationist" - it will all "pan out" the way God wants it to, and my job is to be READY no matter when it all goes down - and be busy in the meantime reaching out to people to win them to the Lord. :)

reformatienl said...

Mr. Shearer,

You again parot Mr. Washer.

If you know the importance of the book of Revelation had for the Waldenses in the Dark Middle Ages, the reformers in the Reformation, and what beloved brothers like Henry, Gill, Poole, Barnes, Mede, Durham, Westminster, and Dutch annotations have written on the book of Revelation, you whole piece will instantly fall to pieces as only an attempt not only to close the book of Revelation for the common people, but also to keep Rome clear of the condemnation Scripture gives it as THE antichrist !

You prove my indictments against Washer regarding the papal antichrist, and your slavery to this mortal man using the Name of the Lord in vain in calling him a 'prophet of God'.

Pearls may truly not be given to swine, as your article clearly states regarding the witness of the Reformation regarding the importance of the book of Revelation.


C.B. Shearer said...

Mr. Grutzmacher,

You've got no pearls, you've got no crowns. You need to get saved.


reformatienl said...

Mr. Shearer,

The case is again very straigtforward.

If you are right, your comments are correct regarding my protest and postings.

If I am right, you show yourself to be a hypocrite under a cloak of godliness, for you slander that which you do not know, and go against what your pretensions say you love !

Again your replies give a good picture of who you really are, by looking at what you say of others !

The Lord Jesus Christ hates hypocrisy, those who judge others for what they do themselves !

Again the case can be made that those who have the biggest mouths of being servants of the Most High (like you and Mr. Washer) in reality are deniers of God and Jesus Christ, and put themself in THeir Place, for example in the judging of hearts you do not know !

You are putting yourself up for a big fall, Mr. Shearer, but you cannot say anymore that you have not been warned.

One who does not see in Scripture that the pope of Rome is THE antichrist, closes the book of Revelation, and still keeps on calling himself a teacher of the Most High, is a deceiver and a blind guide leading the blind.

Your posts confirm the truth of my protests.


C.B. Shearer said...

It's not a cloak of godliness, it's a robe of righteousness. You'd know that if you'd read your Bible, but of course, in your natural state the spiritual things are hidden from you.

Repent of your wickedness, and pray God that he might forgive the thoughts and intents of your heart. Your heart has readily shown its blackness and darkness in our conversations. Read the book of First John, it was written so that you might know that you have not eternal life, so that you might repent and be saved.

You did get a great giggle out of me with your comment on judging. Yes, I am very judgmental, the only way you could know that is if you've judged me. Repent, Dennis, for the kingdom of God is at hand.


reformatienl said...

We stand opposed to one another.
Looking at the remarks made either you are a true christian and I a false, or you are a false christen and I a true one.

Our words towards eachother give no other options. It also means that as our stand towards Mr. Washer is the same, either Mr. Washer is a true christian when your witness is true, or Mr. Washer is a false christian when I am right.

Let all the world decide it by reading their bibles, studying church history, and testing the 10 plus 25 indictments as well the messages by Mr. Washer as critically as possible ! Knowing that God will not let His Sheep be guided by hirelings !


C.B. Shearer said...


You are the false convert, without a doubt. Read First John.

You prove it once again by your last statement, "God will not let His Sheep be guided by hirelings!" Read your Bible! Start with Mark 13:6,22

Finally, read Revelation 2:1-7, it is about you, and then watch http://www.livingwaters.com/learn/trueandfalse.htm


reformatienl said...

Again the comments are very clear.

Kirk Cameron is the actor of the Left Behind series, that in DVD and books, has gone over the world proclaiming a future antichrist that still has to come.

Everyone in the world can find on the internet the explanation of the doctrine of the papal antichrist, the history of the papacy, the inquisition, and the witness of hundredthousands of martyrs who paid with their lives for saying that the pope of Rome is THE antichrist, and the mass an abomination.
These were the fruitbearing christians who were blessed by Christ by giving their lives for Christ, .... both Kirk Cameron and Mr. Washer do not have that witness in them, so bear very very bad fruit 400 years after the Reformation.

You choose where you stand ! I already have.

Regarding the message about true and false conversion, the 10 indictments plus the 25 are enough to decide what the false converts are ! Rome always thought they were the true church, to give in on one point would make their whole system fall. So also you and Mr. Washer cannot give in in one point or your system and view of yourself will fall to the ground immediately.

I have warned you enough.

reformatienl said...

One addition:

I stand alone because of my stand for the witness I make for Christ and against false teachers.

I cannot go to the churches in the Netherlands because I am thrown out because of my protest against their unfaithfulness, their worldliness, their materialism, their false doctrine, and their preaching the visions of their own hearts.

Because of my christianity there is a split in my family. I live alone not being able to go to a church I can agree to with my conscience, I cannot raise a family because I cannot find a faithful wife, I cannot go to bibleschool because I cannot find a faithful bibleschool, and I cannot get high up in the world because of my lifestyle and convictions.

Daily I fight against my sins and failings, I stand alone because of the Grace of God, and yet inspite of all of that I make this protest for Christ against the false teacher Mr. Washer !

You better ask yourself, Mr. Shearer, that you are not fighting against the sheep of Christ, namelijk the fourth ground in the parable because you yourself do not like to be adressed yourself !

The only way I can live is by faith alone, not by sight, being connected to all those who in the world profess the true religion and their children. Hoping the God will restore His Church in my country so I can join with a good conscience !

You go against anyone who talks back to you as though he is unregenerate, that is the attitude of Rome !

Mr. Kameron and Way of the Master looks on the outside as very rich, it is easy for rich people to be radical christians. Real persecution will sift if all those big pretentions were true or only because of getting a monthly salary !

I have warned you enough.

reformatienl said...

Mr. Washer has come to the Netherlands in May June of this year. There he joined an organisation called Heartcry.nl.
An organisation that is linked to 100% arminians, to people who are big public figures in apostate churchbodies, and the director speaks at occations where people are given what to want to see and hear. His translator of the whole tour is connected to THE commercial megachurch in the Netherlands where they teach that repentance is something that man must do and the newbirth something that God does.

Mr.Washer has said in his 10 indictments that 1000 young people where praying that something had to be changed, and he has called it the first signs of revival. After 6 months there have been no signs of a remaining revival, and the organisation Heartcry.nl has put their program for 2009 where they will mix so called calvinists with full arminians, and ofcourse let people preach who teach a future antichrist. At their meetings in 2009 musical intermezzos will given to entertain the public.

Both Mr. Washer as the director of Heartcry.nl have heard my protest against them, they both have presented themselves as brothers in 80.000 Dutch newspapers and on the Heartcry.nl site.

If Mr. Washer sees himself as a true convert, it is very strange he works together with his brother who mixes doctrine, mixes worship, mixes everything with speakers from all parts of apostate superficial christianity in the Netherlands, and after all that still thinks he is the spiritual judge who can decide who is a true christian and who is a false.

I find it an honour to be slandered, censored, and ridiculed by both the director of Heartcry.nl
and the fans of Mr. Washer ! Seeing Mr. Washer is as silent as the grave, just as Wesley against Toplady !

I have warned you enough !

C.B. Shearer said...

My dear Dennis, you remember when I diagnosed your bipolar disorder? I am once again implorying you to repent, to trust in Jesus Christ's atonement alone, to be saved, to be reconciled to God, to abandon whichever sin it is that you love so much as to keep you from salvation.

It all seems so big and grand in your mind, this battle you've waged against minor prophets and impotent popes, you need to fight for souls, not for nations. Christ could have easily toppled Rome, he didn't, he told prostitutes and publicans to go and sin no more. You have a very high opinion of yourself and you will be excluded from the kingdom for it.

Repent, and believe the Gospel, for the kingdom of God is at hand. Watch (or listen) to that True/False video and don't care who the speaker is, check the verses for authenticity, then repent towards the Righteous and Resurrected Christ and be saved.

Or, Dennis, you will perish, guaranteed.


reformatienl said...

If you cannot even show empathy to someone with a witness like me, how can you show it to the world ?

If you cannot even understand or try to understand the words that I have written, how can you understand the words of sinners ?

You show that you want converts for your own views, if they do not submit to your views, they are unregenerate. With this kind of attitude only Rome remains, as it condemned the protestants and Galileo for not submitting to their views, calling them heretics, unregenerates, lost men, enemies of Christ, slanderers, judging their motives as dark as hell, and after all that the protestants and Galileo put in defence of themselves, they still were heretics, unregenerates, lost men, enemies of Chirst, slanders, and their motives were still as dark as hell !

You dont care about my soul nor about other souls, you care about yourself and making clones of yourself !

You again show that my protest is true regarding Mr. Washer.

If the world turns from you, and hates you, it is not because of your love for them, it is not because of righteous deeds, but because of your selfishness, hardness of heart, and hypocrisy that the world sees !

I will leave it at this.
I forgive you for your slander, for your lack of empathy, and your unwillingness to read my replies and understand them, the Lord deal with you !


reformatienl said...

Mr. Washer in his 10 indictments says in his ninth that psychology and sociology have spread over the churches. Yet you yourself judge me by psychology, by using the term bipolar disorder. Is this not hypocrisy, and using two standards, one for yourself and your friends, and one for everyone else ?

According to Wikipedia bipolar disorder has the following signs:

Signs and symptoms
Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people experience abnormally elevated (manic or hypomanic) and abnormally depressed states for significant periods of time, in a way that interferes with functioning.

[edit] Major depressive episode
Main article: Major depressive episode
Signs and symptoms of the depressive phase of bipolar disorder include persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, isolation, or hopelessness; disturbances in sleep and appetite; fatigue and loss of interest in usually enjoyed activities; problems concentrating; loneliness, self-loathing, apathy or indifference; depersonalization; loss of interest in sexual activity; shyness or social anxiety; irritability, chronic pain (with or without a known cause); lack of motivation; and morbid suicidal ideation[1] In severe cases, the individual may become psychotic, a condition also known as severe bipolar depression with psychotic features.

[edit] Manic episode
Main article: Mania
Mania is generally characterized by a distinct period of an elevated, expansive, or irritable mood state. Sometimes people commonly experience an increase in energy and a decreased need for sleep. A person's speech may be pressured, with thoughts experienced as racing. Attention span is low and a person in a manic state may be easily distracted. Judgment may become impaired; sufferers may go on spending sprees or engage in behavior that is quite abnormal for them. They may indulge in substance abuse, particularly alcohol or other depressants, cocaine or other stimulants, or sleeping pills. Their behavior may become aggressive or intrusive. People may feel out of control or unstoppable. People may feel they have been "chosen", are "on a special mission", or other grandiose or delusional ideas. Sexual drive may increase. At more extreme phases, a person in a manic state can begin to experience psychosis, or a break with reality, where thinking is affected along with mood.[2] Many people in a manic state experience severe anxiety and are very irritable (to the point of rage), while others are euphoric and grandiose.

In order to be diagnosed with mania according to DSM-IV a person must experience this state of elevated or irritable mood, as well as other symptoms, for at least one week, less if hospitalisation is required. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, "A manic episode is diagnosed if elevated mood occurs with three or more of the other symptoms most of the day, nearly every day, for 1 week or longer. If the mood is irritable, four additional symptoms must be present."[3]

[edit] Hypomanic episode
Main article: Hypomanic episode
Hypomania is generally a less extreme state than mania, and people in the hypomanic phase generally experience fewer symptoms of mania than those in a full-blown manic episode. During an episode, one might feel an uncontrollable impulse to laugh at things he or she does not normally find funny.[citation needed] The duration is usually also shorter than in mania. This is often a very "artistic" state of the disorder, in which a flight of ideas, extremely clever thinking, and an increase in energy can occur.

[edit] Mixed affective episode
Main article: Mixed state (psychiatry)
In the context of bipolar disorder, a mixed state is a condition during which symptoms of mania and clinical depression occur simultaneously (for example, agitation, anxiety, aggressiveness or belligerence, confusion, fatigue, impulsiveness, insomnia, irritability, morbid and/or suicidal ideation, panic, paranoia, persecutory delusions, pressured speech, racing thoughts, restlessness, and rage).[4

You seem to be able to judge my heart, to judge me unregenerate, and now you judge me as above.
Yet you yourself dont want to be judged. Beam splinter ?

The Lord deal with you !


reformatienl said...

One addition:

All the things that you have asked me to watch, I have watched them.

Together with your article about the Millenial Reign, I will give this comment. Anyone in the world who is able to download the commentaries on the Scriptures used in the media you gave me, anyone who is able to download sermons for free by Spurgeon on these texts, or by the reformers (for example Luther, Calvin, Knox), the english puritans (for example Manton, Watson, Owen, Sibbes), and the scottish covenanters (for example Rutherford, Ralph and Ebenezer Erskine, Boston) will IMMEDIATELY see that both you and the fabricators of the other media have in comparison to what I just indicated that can be freely downloaded from the internet, nothing to offer.

Your article about the Millenial Reign is blown to pieces by the importance of the book of Revelation in the history of the protestant churches of the Reformation, the commentaries of beloved brothers like Henry, Gill, Poole, and Barnes, and the hundredthousands of witnesses and martyrs against THE papal antichrist and the abomination of the mass (for example in John Foxes Book of martyrs).

The message on true and false converts is blown to pieces by the commercial moneycow Left Behind has been all over the world in books, films, and DVD's. Not only because of the money, but also because of the romish doctrine of a papal antichrist in opposition to the witness against THE antichrist in Rome by the Holy Spirit in the Reformation.

The message on the site needGod is blown to pieces as one sees the replies you make to all those who differ in opinion with you, the 10 plus 25 indictments against the circles you call the true church (including Mr. Washer and Mr. Nobblit), and the simple fact of Gods Providence that ALL AROUND THE WORLD people know how hypocritical the false christianity in the USA is, that exactly has used the same superficial message of needGod for years in order to get converts in order to get money in their purses. For where are all the converts of the needGod message when even the people in these churches (according to Mr. Washer) dont know the Gospel, dont know God, and dont have churchdiscipline ? Yet inspite of all these facts to be seen by everyone in the world, you still continue with your evangelisation as if it works, and as if you dont FIRST have to clean your own house before you tell others what to do !

You show to the world who you are, my friend, and the lack of empathy and contents you have when confronted with those who are not impressed with your big words, but look at the power and the fruit of your message (see 10 plus 25 indictments against Mr. Washer, and also against you if you call him a true preacher) !

The Lord deal with you !


PS. Your replies are as original as Mr. Washer talking from 2002 until 2008 with the same broken record, and in the same shallow way and lack of depth on decisionism, marriage, and holiness.

reformatienl said...

I made one mistake. The Left Behind series do NOT contain 'the romish doctrine of the papal antichrist', but the romish doctrine of a future antichrist.

C.B. Shearer said...


Are you trying to prove my point? As stated in an e-mail reply, science would call your demon "Manic-Depressive Disorder", I don't know if it is a chemical imbalance or devilish influence, but you are hostile in your mind towards the Living God as evidenced by your standing against his prophets.

The greatest symptom of your unsound mind is your lack of a point. You ramble and ramble and ramble some more but are incapable of putting together a thesis.

So, putting all other things aside, Dennis, in as few words as possible without manic rambling: What is the Gospel?


reformatienl said...

If what I have written in my replies can be verified by everyone in the world in both Scripture, the faithful commentaries I mention, and the historyfacts I mention about the papacy, the inquisition, the dark middle ages, and recent history of the visit of THE antichrist in April of this year to the USA (being heralded as 'a minister of the gospel').

If the facts about the visit of Mr. Washer to the Netherlands can be proven by actual articles and messages Mr. Washer has brought, and the connections and messages of Heartcry.nl,...

If the message of a future antichrist in the LeftBehindseries in which Kirk Cameron as an actor played a big part can be tested by everyone in the world,...

If the taking away of the doctrine of THE Papal antichrist in the commentaries by Dr. MacArthur, Dr. Beeke, Dr. Piper, the ESV, and Mr. Blackaby can be proven,.....

If the Reformation and the Inquisition are all historyfacts for everyone to study, as well as the great struggle the protestants have had when they were hunted down, tortured, and martyred by the Roman Beast for their witness against the mass and him as THE antichrist,.....

Then I think that seeing your replies, it does not matter whether someone is a christian or not, if someone does not believe as you do and submits to your views, they are unregenerate, lost, and heretics, irrespective of the truth of their witness for Christ and their love for the brethren ! This is clearly the spirit of Rome, semper eadem !

Please be not so dumb and stupid as to think you are the true church because you are on the side of Mr. Washer, look at the Scriptures, look at those who lived and witnessed that they took the Scriptures as their only rule of faith and practised, look at the facts of history, look at Gods Providence in what He blessed and blessed not, ......and get off your high horse and humble yourself so that you can get sober and wise that the empty eloguence of Rome and all that are guided by that same spirit is only to hide their bigotry, selfish motives, darkness, and ignorance judging others of what they do themselves !

Please, if it is not too late, get a brain that might be enlightened by the knowledge of Christ, for it only the truth that will set you free, not shallow shouting of things you clearly do not seem to understand nor want to understand because it goes against your own interest !

From someone who has been deployed as a pilot, who has seen so much of the world, how can someone like you be such a bigot against facts ?

It is very sad. Saying you love the brethren, but when one comes with a witness like mine, you say I am of the devil and walk in darkness !



reformatienl said...

In the Netherlands both Jijdaar.nl as Heartcry.nl (Dutch connection have published their agendas for 2009), in them you will find the name of Mr. Arjan Baan.

Please have these agendas translated in English, the connections of the speakers to all superficial christianity in the Netherlands check, and enjoy yourself the smiling photos in the pictures of Jijdaar.nl and the very superficial (mostly even extra biblical) subjects of both Jijdaar.nl and Heartcry.nl. At the first Mr. Baan is called a good preacher, of the second he is director !

agenda Jijdaar (December 2008 Arjan Baan)

pictures 12.5 years jubilee Jijdaar.nl (see their smiling faces all years long in other nights and this one in light of the apostacy of the churches in the Netherlands)


Download the flyer of Heartcry.nl with the agenda of 2009 ('Download hier de flyer').


See here a picture of Mr. Washer and Mr. Baan together presented in the Netherlands as brothers.


Is this the sanctification and the fruit of the message Mr. Washer preaches ? Babylon in doctrine and life, and smiling faces all year long although the churches are faced with the 10 indictments of Paul Washer ? (seeing the situation in the Netherlands for false christianity is just as bad as that in the USA).

They also worship the ring on their fingers, and having a religion that is irrelevant for their daily lives so they can live as they please.

IT IS ALL IN PUBLIC VIEW in the Netherlands !!!

And you are calling me unregenerate, and from the devil ! :-((((


C.B. Shearer said...

Dear Dennis, and Dennis' demon,

This is the opposite of the Gospel.


reformatienl said...

Mr. Shearer,

I forgive you for your slander of my person and messages, as you clearly do not know what you are talking about !


C.B. Shearer said...


WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? Your soul is at stake.


Dennis said...

I am in my old nature totally depraved, have a bad heart, and deserve an eternity in hell. It is only because God out of His Grace ALONE, has drawn me to Christ, gave me a heart of flesh and made me born again, gave me faith and repentance unto life, that now I can say that I am a beloved child of God, a treasured sheep of Christ, a follower of Christ washed in the Blood of Christ and clothed with the Righteousness of Christ, for me Christ has died on the Cross to save me from my sins and give me eternal life in Him.
This is my faith in Christ, daily praying and struggling against my own failings and sins, knowing that I have a compassionate loving Shepherd, Advocate, Kind, Priest, Prophet, and God in the Lord Jesus Christ Who has begun His work in me, has sustained His work in me, and will finish His work in me, as He is the ONLY Author, Finisher, and Keeper of my soul !

Out of what I have just written, knowing (only knowing in part on this side of heaven) the Love, the Compassion, the Mercy, the Grace, the Truth, and the Life of Christ, I love the brethren and sisters of the past and present, as they witnessed, lived, wrote, and protested. Beloved brothers and sisters I consider the Waldenses, the Reformers (Luther, Calvin, Knox...), the English Puritans (Perkins, Owen, Sibbes, Burges, Manton, Watson,...), the Scottish Covenanters (Rutherford, Erskines, Boston, Renwick,...), and brothers like Spurgeon, Toplady, and Dabney ! (giving just a small overview of all the names I could mention)

It is because of knowing the Love of Christ for my sould, and the witness of the old paths I have learned to love (Jer 6v16 KJV), that I protest against Mr. Washer who brings a distorted message in which fundamental parts are lacking (for example faithful exposition of the Prophets and Revelation) !

This is my witness of my faith in Christ, His Gospel, and the love of the brethren !

Dennis said...

correction: 'Kind' must be 'King'. 'sould' should be 'soul'.

C.B. Shearer said...

I'm still not convinced, you've added a lot of works to your gospel. And you oh so terribly fail the test found in 1 John 1:7

See: http://trustobey.blogspot.com/2008/11/what-is-gospel.html

Dennis, with our disagreements aside, I am genuinely afraid for the state of your soul. You come across as a very self-righteous and works-based person with priorities infinitely different from the priorities of God.

Spend time in prayer, pray God crushes your pride and strips you of every bit of self-righteousness in order to clothe you in the righteousness of Christ. Pray also that he turns your will from that of satan to be conformed to the will of the Risen Christ.

You'll be dead a lot longer than you'll be alive, so don't get off your face until God has saved you for eternity.

Praying for you,

Dennis said...

Small important additions:
1. It is God ALONE who sanctifies me, I cannot sanctify myself ! Christ ALONE saves me from my sins, cleanses me as His sheep to present me with my brothers and sisters holy, blameless, and without spot to God !

2. The One who lives in me is STRONGER than the world, the faith in Christ I have received from God CONQUERS the world, and I as a christian must be the salt of the world, NOT being saltless and trampled by the world as worthless.

3. Because of point 2, the world is NOT the biggest problem for me, but a false church and false ministers who come in the Name of Christ but are in deeds enemies of Christ, who look like lambs but speak as dragons, who are ministers of satan but have transformed themselves into ministers of righteousness. Just as the Lord Jesus Christ ate with the prostitutes and taxcollectors out of the world, yet had a constant problem with the religious Pharisees, just as the reformers had the biggest problem with the harlot in Rome and NOT with the world.

4. It is because Mr. Washer, Dr. Beeke, and Dr. Masters of the London Tabernacle have their biggest problem with the world, and NOT with a false church (Rome and its harlotdaughters) that I protest so strongly against this deceipt as they thereby show their fight is a sham fight, or a fight where the fight is NOT, or a fight with only blows in the air !

All these points are an integral part of the faith and practice I have received from Christ !

Dennis said...

Hello Canyon,

I expected you would respond like this, I did not hope it. It shows that you do not care about souls as you do not even take the witness of souls (including those who are already Christ's) seriously as long as they are not your converts or not in line with your own imaginations about christendom.

Althoug sad, it confirms what I already have seen in the Netherlands at Heartcry.nl, feared it would also be present at Mr. Washer, and now I see it in your reply !

You are an enemy of my soul, I will turn to Christ as He has revealed Himself in Scripture, and turn far away from you until you come to your senses !

I have given you all the warnings I could give !

Again I forgive you for all the slander and lies you have written about my replies and my person, and will pray that the Lord Jesus Christ of Scripture will open your eyes which will remain blind as long as you keep on thinking that you are seeing !

C.B. Shearer said...

Revelation 2:1-7

Dennis said...

The commentary by Matthew Henry on the text you quote, so everyone can read it and judge for himself what has happened in our discussion. A commentary (including this one) I hold in the highest esteem as from a teacher most certainly proven to be appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ from Scripture.

We have here,
I. The inscription, where observe,
1. To whom the first of these epistles is directed: To the church of
Ephesus, a famous church planted by the apostle Paul (Acts 19), and
afterwards watered and governed by John, who had his residence very
much there. We can hardly think that Timothy was the angel, or sole
pastor and bishop, of this church at this time, — that he who was of a very
excellent spirit, and naturally cared for the good state of the souls of the
people, should become so remiss as to deserve the rebukes given to the
ministry of this church. Observe,
2. From whom this epistle to Ephesus was sent; and here we have one of
those titles that were given to Christ in his appearance to John in the
chapter foregoing: He that holds the seven stars in his right hand, and
walks in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, <660113>Revelation 1:13,
16. This title consists of two parts: —
(1.) He that holds the stars in his right hand. The ministers of Christ are
under his special care and protection. It is the honour of God that he
knows the number of the stars, calls them by their names, binds the sweet
influences of Pleiades and looses the bands of Orion; and it is the honour
of the Lord Jesus Christ that the ministers of the gospel, who are greater
blessings to the church than the stars are to the world, are in his hand. He
directs all their motions; he disposes of them into their several orbs; he
fills them with light and influence; he supports them, or else they would
soon be falling stars; they are instruments in his hand, and all the good
they do is done by his hand with them.
(2.) He walks in the midst of the golden candlesticks. This intimates his
relation to his churches, as the other his relation to his ministers. Christ is
in an intimate manner present and conversant with his churches; he knows
and observes their state; he takes pleasure in them, as a man does to walk
in his garden. Though Christ is in heaven, he walks in the midst of his
churches on earth, observing what is amiss in them and what it is that they
want. This is a great encouragement to those who have the care of the
churches, that the Lord Jesus has graven them upon the palms of his
II. The contents of the epistle, in which, as in most of those that follow,
we have,
1. The commendation Christ gave this church, ministers and members,
which he always brings in by declaring that he knows their works, and
therefore both his commendation and reprehension are to be strictly
regarded; for he does not in either speak at a venture: he knows what he
says. Now the church of Ephesus is commended,
(1.) For their diligence in duty: I know thy works, and thy labour, v. 2.
This may more immediately relate to the ministry of this church, which
had been laborious and diligent. Dignity calls for duty. Those that are stars
in Christ's hand had need to be always in motion, dispensing light to all
about them. For my name's sake thou hast laboured, and hast not fainted,
v. 3. Christ keeps an account of every day's work, and every hour's work,
his servants do for him, and their labour shall not be in vain in the Lord.
(2.) For their patience in suffering: Thy labour and thy patience, v. 2. It is
not enough that we be diligent, but we must be patient, and endure
hardness as good soldiers of Christ. Ministers must have and exercise
great patience, and no Christian can be without it. There must be bearing
patience, to endure the injuries of men and the rebukes of Providence; and
there must be waiting patience, that, when they have done the will of God,
they may receive the promise: Thou hast borne, and hast patience, v. 3.
We shall meet with such difficulties in our way and work as require
patience to go on and finish well.
(3.) For their zeal against what was evil: Thou canst not bear those that
are evil, v. 2. It consists very well with Christian patience not to dispense
with sin, much less allow it; though we must show all meekness to men,
yet we must show a just zeal against their sins. This their zeal was the
more to be commended because it was according to knowledge, a discreet
zeal upon a previous trial made of the pretences, practices, and tenets of
evil men: Thou hast tried those that say they are apostles and are not, and
hast found them liars. True zeal proceeds with discretion; none should be
cast off till they be tried. Some had risen up in this church that pretended
to be not ordinary ministers, but apostles; and their pretensions had been
examined but found to be vain and false. Those that impartially search
after truth may come to the knowledge of it.
2. The rebuke given to this church: Nevertheless, I have somewhat against
thee, v. 4. Those that have much good in them may have something much
amiss in them, and our Lord Jesus, as an impartial Master and Judge, takes
notice of both; though he first observes what is good, and is most ready to
mention this, yet he also observes what is amiss, and will faithfully
reprove them for it. The sin that Christ charged this church with was their
decay and declension in holy love and zeal: Thou hast left thy first love;
not left and forsaken the object of it, but lost the fervent degree of it that at
first appeared. Observe,
(1.) The first affections of men towards Christ, and holiness, and heaven,
are usually lively and warm. God remembered the love of Israel's
espousals, when she would follow him withersoever he went.
(2.) These lively affections will abate and cool if great care be not taken,
and diligence used, to preserve them in constant exercise.
(3.) Christ is grieved and displeased with his people when he sees them
grow remiss and cold towards him, and he will one way or other make
them sensible that he does not take it well from them.
3. The advice and counsel given them from Christ: Remember therefore
whence thou hast fallen, and repent, etc.
(1.) Those that have lost their first love must remember whence they have
fallen; they must compare their present with their former state, and
consider how much better it was with them then than now, how much
peace, strength, purity, and pleasure they have lost, by leaving their first
love, — how much more comfortably they could lie down and sleep at
night, — how much more cheerfully they could awake in the morning, —
how much better they could bear afflictions, and how much more
becomingly they could enjoy the favours of Providence, — how much
easier the thoughts of death were to them, and how much stronger their
desires and hopes of heaven.
(2.) They must repent. They must be inwardly grieved and ashamed for
their sinful declension; they must blame themselves, and shame
themselves, for it, and humbly confess it in the sight of God, and judge
and condemn themselves for it.
(3.) They must return and do their first works. They must as it were begin
again, go back step by step, till they come to the place where they took the
first false step; they must endeavour to revive and recover their first zeal,
tenderness, and seriousness, and must pray as earnestly, and watch as
diligently, as they did when they first set out in the ways of God.
4. This good advice is enforced and urged,
(1.) By a severe threatening, if it should be neglected: I will come unto
thee quickly, and remove thy candlestick out of its place. If the presence of
Christ's grace and Spirit be slighted, we may expect the presence of his
displeasure. He will come in a way of judgment, and that suddenly and
surprisingly, upon impenitent churches and sinners; he will unchurch
them, take away his gospel, his ministers, and his ordinances from them,
and what will the churches or the angels of the churches do when the
gospel is removed?
(2.) By an encouraging mention that is made of what was yet good among
them: This thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I
also hate, v. 6. “Though thou hast declined in thy love to what is good, yet
thou retainest thy hatred to what is evil, especially to what is grossly so.”
The Nicolaitans were a loose sect who sheltered themselves under the
name of Christianity. They held hateful doctrines, and they were guilty of
hateful deeds, hateful to Christ and to all true Christians; and it is
mentioned to the praise of the church of Ephesus that they had a just zeal
and abhorrence of those wicked doctrines and practices. An indifference of
spirit between truth and error, good and evil, may be called charity and
meekness, but it is not pleasing to Christ. Our Saviour subjoins this kind
commendation to his severe threatening, to make the advice more
III. We have the conclusion of this epistle, in which, as in those that
follow, we have,
1. A call to attention: He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit
saith unto the churches. Observe,
(1.) What is written in the scriptures is spoken by the Spirit of God.
(2.) What is said to one church concerns all the churches, in every place
and age.
(3.) We can never employ our faculty of hearing better than in hearkening
to the word of God: and we deserve to lose it if we do not employ it to this
purpose. Those who will not hear the call of God now will wish at length
they had never had a capacity of hearing any thing at all.
2. A promise of great mercy to those who overcome. The Christian life is a
warfare against sin, Satan, the world, and the flesh. It is not enough that
we engage in this warfare, but we must pursue it to the end, we must never
yield to our spiritual enemies, but fight the good fight, till we gain the
victory, as all persevering Christians shall do; and the warfare and victory
shall have a glorious triumph and reward. That which is here promised to
the victors is that they shall eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of
the paradise of God. They shall have that perfection of holiness, and that
confirmation therein, which Adam would have had if he had gone well
through the course of his trial: he would then have eaten of the tree of life
which was in the midst of paradise, and this would have been the
sacrament of confirmation to him in his holy and happy state; so all who
persevere in their Christian trial and warfare shall derive from Christ, as
the tree of life, perfection and confirmation in holiness and happiness in
the paradise of God; not in the earthly paradise, but the heavenly,
Revelation 22:1, 2.

Dennis said...

Tell everyone who reads this blog why you have quoted Rev 2v1-7 as a reply to one of my replies ?

Do you think that I am one of the liars that the text talk about, am I a Nicolaitan hated by the Lord ?

C.B. Shearer said...

Your are an Ephesian, wrapped up in doctrine, failing to love, hating the living God.


Dennis said...

Be more elaborate please, as those who are reading your blog must have more warning before they will know why exactly I am to be avoided ! When they read my testimony of my faith, please explain further why I am what you judge me to be (besides a demon with a psychological disorder) !

Please be more elaborate in your warning for the good of the readers of your blog !

reformatienl said...

The following line of thought consists of point A through M, B following A, C following B etc.... until L following M. Hereby showing the link between Billy Graham, Henry Blackaby, and Paul Washer.
This as a further proof of the 25 indictments, specially of indictment 6 and 25.

A. The apostacy of Billy Graham has been documented extensively and has been available to the PUBLIC for years.http://soldierservant.wordpress.com/2007/07/15/billy-graham-apostasy-exposed/http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/exposes/graham/general.htmhttp://www.amazon.com/Billy-Graham-His-Friends-Hidden/dp/1891117173

B, Dr. Henry Blackaby in 2009 will be one of the mainspeakers at the Fresh Encounter Conference with also Anne Graham Lotz and Wil Graham.http://www.blackaby.org/FreshEncounter/

C. Dr. Henry Blackaby in 2009 teaches at the Billy Graham Training Centre at the Cove of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)http://www.billygraham.org/DMag_Article.asp?ArticleID=850http://www.thecove.org/Assets/Media/2009%20Cove%20Ministry%20Schedule.pdf

D. Dr. Henry Blackaby has been Honorary Chair of NDP 2006 (National Day of Prayer in the USA.http://www.blackaby.org/ndp.asphttp://kmc.crosswalk.com/news/religiontoday/1389535/page1/http://www.presidentialprayerteam.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ppt_prayerforamerica&printer_friendly=1http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/05/20060504-2.html

E. Dr. Henry Blackaby is well known of his leadership training, has written a book on it with Ken Blanchard, who also was key-speaker at Willow Creek Leadershipconference and joined himself to the Secret-message.http://www.audible.com/adbl/site/products/ProductDetail.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0135091836.1231656636@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccckadegegmedjlcefecekjdffidfmf.0&productID=BK_OASI_000103http://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Leadership-Moving-People-Agenda/dp/0805418458http://www.kenblanchard.com/http://www.ccn.tv/programming/event/evt_29apr04.htmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willow_Creek_Association

F. Paul Washer in his popular 'shocking youth message' 2002 says in minute 37 -38 that 'Billy Graham is one of the kindest, loviest men,....'. This although the apostacy of Billy Graham already in 2002 had been extensively documented (regarding his message, regarding his love for Rome,...). Yet Paul Washer has used this shocking youthmessage to promote himself and be promoted knowing very well what he says in this message regarding Billy Graham.http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=uuabITeO4l8

G. Both Dr. Henry Blackaby as Paul Washer know the information available on the apostacy of Billy Graham as it has been PUBLICLY available on the internet for years Yet Paul Washer promotes himself with the shocking youthmessage of 2002 with a remark by which everyone will conclude Billy Graham his brother, and Dr. Henry Blackaby teaches at the Cove of BGEA and has a conference in 2009 with members of the Graham-family.

H. Paul Washer joins Dr. Henry Blackaby as one of the main speakers in Revival Conference 2008 Atlanta.http://revivalconference.eventbrite.com/http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=x_r-bGk8KG8http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=p4ZE8Z_a70s

I. After the National Day of Prayer in 2006 with Dr. Henry Blackaby as chairman, in 2008 the pope of Rome is welcomed by president Bush as a 'minister of the Gospel' in the White House.http://www.uspapalvisit.org/

J. Paul Washer is under leadership of his minister Jeff Noblit of Grace Life Baptist Church at Muscle Scoals, so the PUBLIC witness of Paul Washer with Dr. Henry Blackaby is also the PUBLIC witness of Mr. Jeff Noblit as a priest is known by his people.

K. The remarks of Paul Washer in his 10 indictment message saying the book of Revelation will be clear at the Second Coming, the discussion arminianism calvinism is NOT important, and the church is the remnant, also reflect on his minister Jeff Noblit. The remark on Billy Graham in his shocking youthmessage of 2008, and the current connection between BGEA, Dr. Henry Blackaby, and Paul Washer Dr. Henry Blackaby also reflect on Jeff Noblit.

L. Paul Washer joins himself to Kirk Cameron, THE actor of the Left Behind Series, of which the book series have been on the top list of sold books.http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2001_Jan_9/ai_68916115

M. Paul Washer endorses arminian teachers or arminian inclined teachers as Wesley, Finney, and Tozer. As arminianism has been judged by the Bride of Christ as a false gospel in the Synods of Dordt and Westminster (who witnessed Calvinism to be the THE Gospel, as Spurgeon would after them), and the road to Rome. Paul Washer shows where he stand, knowing the persecution of the calvinists by Bishop Laud in former days in England.http://www.apuritansmind.com/Arminianism/AugustusToplady%20RoadToRome.htmhttp://www.answers.com/topic/william-laud

Conclusions: If Paul Washer in 2008 joins Dr. Henry Blackaby as one of the main speakers at the Revival Conference Atlanta 2008, knowing the PUBLICLY documented apostacy of Billy Graham, knowing Dr. Henry Blackaby teaches at BGEA and has in 2009 a conference with members of the Graham-family,
it follows:
- that all his remarks against the message of Billy Graham have been a show
- his messages on being different from the world, bearing good fruit, and the narrow way, have all been an invention of his own brain, as he joins with Dr. Henry Blackaby in a revival conference 2008 who is loved by the world for his leadership wisdom, bears bad fruit, and is on the broad way of all false christianity has to offer. Thereby also showing that the revivalmessage these men bring is a false message NOT blessed by God, but only by flattery, big words, and puffing up mortal men.
- his remark about the non-importance of the discussion arminianism calvinism is understandable in light of his own advantage- his connection to Dr. Henry Blackaby in a revivalconference shows that Paul Washer has no discernment between false and true teachers, and therefore is a blind guide
- as Dr. Blackaby is high in the world (being praised by president Bush, high in management wisdom, many connections with false christianity (for example BGEA, the Graham family, and the NDP), this also shows out of what spirit Mr. Washer is born, as those who are friends and brothers will join in prayers and activities.
- the remarks Paul Washer makes against the Roman Catholic Church are only a show, as Dr. Henry Blackaby prays in 2006 with president Bush, who in 2008 invites the pope of Rome as a 'minister of the Gospel'. Paul Washer joins Dr. Henry Blackaby in 2008 as speaker at the Revival Conference Atlanta.
- the so called 'calvinism' of Paul Washer and Jeff Noblit is only empty eloquence, because in practice they deny it in its truth and its practical consequences, thereby also denying the Author who gave that Gospel, and all those who have preached, lived, and died that Gospel (for example Spurgeon) !
- it confirms my conclusion regarding the Dutch connection of Paul Washer in a tour May June 2008, that thereby Paul Washer showed that although in word he calls for true christianity (with his own inventions and words), in practice he denies it by joining with those who ARE false superficial christianity !
- if Billy Graham is a 33 degree freemason, all who join him (and those who are connected to him) are also suspected. In October 2009 Dr. Henry Blackaby and associate are expected to speak in the Netherlands at a Heartcry.nl conference.http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Misc/billy.ht

25 indictments against Paul Washer:
1) willfully limiting the subjectmatter of Scripture
2) willfully presenting his own fabricated version of true christianity
3) willfully bringing himself under a cloak of godliness
4) willfully closing the book of Revelation and the Prophets
5) willfully painting the graves of the prophets for his own selfish ends
6) willfully presenting himself since 2002 with remarks that show Billy Graham
to be his brother, although Graham is high in the world and an archdeceiver
7) comparison with the whole of Scripture and the true old paths of the Reformation
show him to be a cloud without water
8) connection in the Netherlands to all false christianity has to offer, even with those
who publicly say calvinism is a complete error
9) presenting himself in 80.000 newspapers in the Netherlands smiling as though
the sins of the churches and the land are no problem to him
10) proclaiming a message of revival that has never come, thereby telling lies in Gods Name.
11) accepting in the core of his message two contradictive systems of doctrine
12) denying the witness of the Holy Spirit in the Reformation against THE antichrist in Rome
13) denying the blood of hunderthousands christian brothers and sisters against THE antichrist in Rome
14) going around the USA and the world to gain one proselyte that he makes a clone of himself
15) being silent about the developements in the outside world, only preaching for his own parish
16) laying burdens on small people, while leaving big names in bibleschools, synods, and gospelmusic
untouched and unmentioned
17) connecting himself to Kirk Cameron, known throughout the world for the message of a future antichrist
with Left Behind
18) himself not being able to go to Wallmart for fear of sinning, yet laying on big burdens on everyone else
19) printing his own material as though it is manna from heaven, yet is only copying a little text everyone
knows with some questions
20) saying he serves the God of heaven, yet he himself is an idolater of the ring on his own finger
21) his minister is Jeff Nobblit who teaches a future antichrist, that gain is godliness, and remains in the
SBC although a complete apostate body with a statue for Billy Graham
22) closing the Kingdom of God for the people by keeping silent about the true contents of the witness of the old paths
23) denying the true witness of the Waldenses, the reformers, the english puritans, the scottish covenanters
24) denying the true witness of Augustine against Pelagius, Luther against Rome, the Westminster and Dordt Synods
25) being a facilitator and manipulator replacing the true religion of the King Jesus Christ with a false one of the new world order