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Friday, October 7, 2011

Youth is Like a Flower Cut Down

With the death of Steve Jobs, we are reminded that something is not right in the world, that God has put speed bumps in our daily path to declare to us that all is not as it should be in regards to life and health. Death entered into the world through Adam, but beloved, don't be quick to blame Adam, for it is the soul that sins that shall die, and death has passed from Adam to all men because all sin.

The following is an excerpt from Jonathan Edwards' sermon "Youth is Like a Flower Cut Down", preached twice in his life, once for a friend's son, and second for his own daughter, in order to use their deaths to point others to the Lifegiver, Christ Jesus.
'So youth is an age wherein persons are commonly full of hopes and promises to themselves of the good and prosperity they shall see in the world. They are just entering upon the stage of the world, and they promise themselves much that they shall see and enjoy afterwards. And their parents and friends are also ready to promise themselves much future comfort in them, and are full of hope of seeing them settled, and oftentimes are full of hope of the figure they will make in the world.

What you have heard from the Word of God, you have lately seen verified in the providence of God. There have been several instances of it in this town. God tells you in his Word, and has now been telling you, how that man "cometh forth as a flower, and is cut down"; and he has not only told you so, but he has been showing of you that it is so. He has cut down one flower after another of those that were but lately come forth, that were as it were just in the blossom. He has spoken not only once, but twice, nigh thrice. God is pleased to cut down some to warn others. It would be a stupid hardness and provoking obstinancy in you to disregard one such warning; but God has repeated his witness and has called to you with so awful and solemn a voice once, and again, and again.

He was young as you are. He was in like circumstances with many of you. A little while ago he appeared as likely to live as you. But yet now he is gone. And you are yet spared. You as yet have an opportunity to prepare for death.'
This sermon was alternately titled, God is pleased to cut down some to warn others. Was Steve Jobs a more wicked man than you? Are you better than him? In God's eyes we are as debase as we can be, Jobs had an amazing creativity and imagination, but God says that the intents of all of our imaginations are only evil continually (Genesis 6:5). We cannot speculate as to why Jobs lived so long or died so young, this is a secret thing of God, but we do know why he died, because he was a son of Adam and a sinner himself.

But beloved, you yet live, you as yet have an opportunity to prepare for death! A death has occurred that redeems from the transgressions committed by Adam and his descendants! Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, lived a perfect life, did nothing deserving of death, and yet gave his life as a ransom to pay for the transgressions of his people. He defeated death three days later, proving to be God and proving to have the power over death and sin. He did not come to condemn the world, the world is condemned already, but that through him the world may be saved.

Look to the cross where the King of Life died, it is empty, his work is finished. Look to the tomb where the Lord of Light lay, it is empty, he is risen. Put your faith in the one who took on death and crushed it underfoot, he is your only hope, he is your only salvation. Prepare for death while you yet have time!

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Cedric said...

I certainly agree that Sreve Jobs passed on: whither Steve went is known to God. I do not remember having heard what he thought his sranding with his Creator might be. That would seem to indicate that his relationship with God was not close enough for him to assume responsibility for promoting the Great Commision. That is a shame considering his talent. Whether his promotion of electronic products will prove beneficial to mankind is in God's hands.

Steve Jobs was successful by the world's standards. He does not seem to have made a testimony to God which is typical of the average child of God today. Steve Jobs just like you and I will stand before God in the final judgement which will s determine his status for eternity.

His early passing is a reminder to us all to be prepared to meer our maker. That may be his worldly testimony.....................