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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pro Choice - Abortion in America

This is the second of three articles on abortion in America.
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In the 8th century a missionary named Wynfred Boniface breached the darkness of Germany and converted a nation to Christianity. His adventures and exploits, recorded by his biographer, are quite entertaining and edifying.

In one story a young boy runs to Boniface and implores him for help, “Boniface! Boniface! They are going to sacrifice my sister!” Boniface and the boy make haste to the place of sacrifice just in time for Boniface to stop the sacrifice of the fifteen year old vestal virgin by shoving the pagan priest into the nearest tree.

Now, I’m all about choice, I think you should have the choice to be a missionary to America or Germany, you have a choice this Thanksgiving of turkey or ham, the choice is yours to eat apple or pumpkin pie, you have the choice to imbibe in alcoholic beverages or not. But I will not advocate choice in all situations, you DO NOT have the legal choice to drink and drive this Thanksgiving. If you do, I hope you get caught and it costs you $20K in legal fees and cab fare over several years.

Because, like Boniface, I am against your choice to put someone in harm’s way because of what you want to do. It’s illegal to drink and drive, but not all dangerous choices are against mans' law. In this country, it is legal to kill someone before they are 9 months old; in pagan Saxony, where Boniface ministered, it was legal to kill someone in their teens if they were specifically prepared for the purpose; I hope you at least cringe at the thought of a girl having her youth cut short because of some pagan tradition. But in Saxon law it was perfectly legal, which is why we should always defer to the higher and more perfect law of God, which is what Boniface did.

I pray you cringe when you think about babies during gestation cut short because of some pagan tradition. God’s law says so clearly, “Thou shalt NOT murder.” When I think of Boniface’s action, I applaud, thankful that he moved quickly and saved a life; and I pray that if I were in a similar situation I would do likewise. But, beloved, Boniface stopped one immoral killing, today in America over 3300 will be immorally ended. We cannot, and even should not (Romans 12:19), shove every pagan priest of convenience into a tree.

So how do we act? After Boniface helped the girl from the altar, he stood atop it and proclaimed Christ to the crowd; he implored them to flee from idols, to recognize that a sacrifice has been made once for all that saves from death, that Jesus Christ is the righteous given for the unrighteous. When that town was converted, not a single other sacrifice needed to be stopped, because a converted person will not offer their children on the altar of any god, but will love and cherish them (Psalm 127).

We must act by ensuring we preach Christ, that we strive to turn a child-sacrificing nation from idols to the Living God. One way (among many) that you can do this is by watching the 180 Movie and sharing it with everyone you know. Take the world's idols, not their priests, and crush those idols with the truth, and implore them to love the one who gave his life as a ransom for every manner of sin, even the sin of murdering a child. Beloved, be bold, don't worry about what the crowd thinks, think of the little girl on the altar, and act in her behalf while she doesn't have a choice.

Visit their website and the Pro-Choice section of their website
Let us stand fast in what is right and prepare our souls for trial. Let us neither be dogs that do not bark nor silent onlookers, nor paid servants who run away before the wolf. Instead, where the battle rages, let us find ourselves. Run towards the roar of the lion! Run towards the roar of battle! That is where Christ’s most glorious victories shall be won.

– Boniface, Missionary to the Germanic tribes AD672-754

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Michael Coughlin said...

Great job. Thanks for the clear reminders of our calling.