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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thirty-Nine Reasons Jesus Came to Die

I was talking to a good friend recently about how to teach children the books of the Old Testament. I think it is fruitless to just teach them the names, or a song, because these books contain so much more than just the prophet who wrote them, everyone of them points to the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Of himself, he gave this study, "he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself." (Luke 24:27)

An American POW during World-War II gave this testimony, "Chapter after chapter gripped my heart. In due time I came to the books of the prophets, and found that their every writing seemed focused on a divine Redeemer from sin, one who was to be sent from heaven to be born in the form of a human babe." - Jacob DeShazer

This series then will strive to give a brief summary of Christ from the 39 books of the Old Testament; my intention is not to find Jesus in every corner of every book, because in some books, like Zechariah, Jesus is priest, king, conqueror, shepherd, and temple; my intention will be to give the clearest and most definite prophecy for Jesus Christ from each book, in an easy and memorable way, that you, dear reader, will be able to see Christ in every book of the Old Testament.

This entry will be the table of context for these. I intend to post at least one a day, sometimes more. This table of contents will provide for a simple summary of each post:

1. Genesis - The Promised Offspring of Eve
2. Exodus - The Redeemer from Slavery
3. Leviticus - The Fulfillment of the Law
4. Numbers - God With Us
5. Deuteronomy - A Curse for Us
6. Joshua - Our Leader into the Promised Land
7. Judges - To Turn us to God
8. Ruth - A Nearer Kinsmen Redeemer
9. 1 Samuel - The King Chosen by God

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