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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Biblomorphism Article 4 – Works Righteousness

Bible Verse – Isaiah 64:6; Ephesians 2:8-9
Species – Feline

So many in this world are banking on their good deeds to pave their path to Heaven. In the worldly courtroom, the good works of a criminal have no bearing on the seriousness of the crime, nor the severity of the punishment, but in theology we somehow think that our philosophy will not bear true.

Adolf Hitler rejuvenated Germany, greatly advanced the study of medicine, gave us the jet engine, sought to create the European Union six-decades before it created itself, and fought communism from its inception in Europe. These good deeds do not even begin to assuage the fact that Adolf Hitler was directly responsible for 6 Million dead and ultimately resulted in the deaths of 63 Million. Good deeds are irrelevant when considering transgression.

The common housecat was created to illustrate this point with the action of bringing a dead bird or mouse into the house. How smug and proud the cat looks with the dead vermin laying at the feet of the master. When anthropomorphizing the cat, we think that it must think it has done something good and that it should be praised.

How smug and proud we must look when we offer to God our endeavors to gain His favor. The worthlessness of the dead saliva-covered animal is known to the cat’s owner, just as the worthlessness of our deeds is known to our God.

If you are counting on your works to make God love you, please consider just how much that dead bird made you love your cat, and then adjust your theology to match your philosophy.

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Please read the book of James