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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Global Warming

In the History of mankind, men have wished to become gods.

It happened as early as the first days after creation. Adam and Eve believed that they would become as God if they ate of the forbidden tree. Instead they fell to ruin, becoming as ungodlike as possible.

4,400-4,200 years ago, men decided they could not become God, but that they could attain Heaven without God, and they tried to build for themselves a tower to Heaven, which, like all other things mankind has attempted without the Blessing of God, failed miserably.

In the 19th century, man believed they had finally outsmarted God and came up with a pseudoscience to write God out of His-story. When that almost caught on, like a flash in a pan, mankind instantly seized the belief that while they were not godlike by any means, they were still the closest to omniscience and omnipotence of any other organism.

As the decent of species fades into the archives of the fantastic, man needs to find a new way to believe himself powerful in his world.

How better to do that then to believe we have the capacity to destroy the earth? We originally thought it would be two people launching a nuclear missile and the retaliation would kill everything on Earth. But that doesn’t unite us against a common foe, that leaves us terrified that a mentally unstable duo could murder multi-Billions of people.

The Antichrist will come and unite the world through flattery, not through war. I really had a hard time understanding how he could do that until this report on global warming was released. It is a global initiative, focused on the emotions of people after a century of massaging people with “Earth-Day” and “Save the Whales” agenda, so that they’ll believe that the Earth is the most important thing in their lives. Now that it’s in danger (If it is indeed in danger), everyone should drop their differences, unite under one flag, and do everything we possibly can to save the planet we have so thoroughly damaged.

It is a plan that could only be orchestrated in the depths of Hell.

Despite widespread dissention, conflicting reports, and fallible science concerning Global-Warming, the majority of people believe that mankind is so powerful as to be able to destroy our own habitat, and thus will err on the side of belief in the warming trend. As for myself, I have a hard time believing that a meteorologist or other scientist has the ability to accurately predict weather in 100 years when they can’t predict weather accurately next week. Besides this, snow in Atlanta, record ice-storms, an ice-age 4,400 years ago, all leads me to believe that the Earth is either maintaining her own climate through an ingeniously prewritten program, or this warming trend has very little to do with modern aerosols and ozone producing processes.

I am of the opinion that this world is nothing to save anyways. It is 6,600 years post fall and the effects are astounding, death runs rampant, the majority of the world is Godless, 140,000 people stand in judgment before God each day. In the United States, 4,000 babies are killed daily, depression worsens year by year, suicide is a leading cause of death in teens; the world is not a happy place, and a major change will be good for it. Recently I read of the possibility of a nuclear air-burst over the United States. For those of you who do not understand electromagnetic pulses, in the ‘50s, Nuclear Tests destroyed multi-millions of dollars of electrical equipment in Hawaii, and that was before EVERYTHING had a computer in it. If a nuclear weapon explodes over the United States tomorrow, refrigerators will fail, cars won’t start, computers won’t boot, heatering and air conditioning will shut down. Of 300,000,000 American’s, how many can we expect to survive an EM Pulse? 50,000? 150,000? Maybe 1%, if we’re fortunate; the majority of our country can’t farm, can’t hunt, can’t cook, doesn’t know how to cut firewood. But can you imagine how many American’s know how to hold a gun in some-ones face who does and demand their food? How likely is a blast of this magnitude? Is it less pressing than an impending energy crisis? This should be our primary concern, not some extradistant pseudometeorological contested science.

Global Warming and a Persian based nuclear air-burst are exact opposites on the threat spectrum. Global Warming says it’s our collective fault, EMP says it is the fault of a select few. Both have the ability to kill multi-Millions of people. Global Warming unites, saying we’re all in it together; a defined enemy divides, saying that the differences in world-view and ideals are what is wrong with the world today.

The perceived threat of Global Warming, in its 100 year preparation, has caught our attention and stolen our focus from immediate issues; possibly and probably opening the door to mass corruption, mass war, and mass death. But in reality, the important thing to consider is that whether we die by weather or terrorism, everyone dies, and everyone will stand before the judgment seat of God.

In that moment the book of our consciences will be opened, God will see all of the occurrences where we thought we were better than Him in righteousness and power, promoting ourselves to our own personal god, and the damage we caused to our fellow man in the process will be known. God will show you each individual lie you have spoken and its infinite ramifications it had on the health of your fellow human beings and on the planet, the price of each thing that was taken without payment will be exacted on your soul, every lustful glance will be remembered and every blasphemous and hateful statement will reverberate through the courtroom. Your head will hang in shame and your knees will quake. In defense, you will attempt to offer your activism to save the planet, and God will remind you of your corruption and ignoring of the realized plight of those around you. Death comes to all men, judgment will follow. As the book of your conscience is closed, the book of life will be opened, and finding not your name in this book, God will cast your soul into the Lake of Fire, where the fire is never quenched, and you will plead for a drop of water, but none will come.

This scene is yet to be written, it is possible to escape this sentencing. God has already seen the book of your conscience and knows that justice demands that you spend eternity in Hell. God, in infinite love, has offered us a way to escape this punishment so richly deserved. In a plan devised before time, God became manifest on this destroyed and desolate Earth, born of a Virgin, where He lived the life of the Man, Jesus Christ, sinless in every way, tempted but not succumbing, God offered Himself up as the payment for the sin of the world and was hung on a Cross in our stead, He was beaten and tortured so harshly that most subjected to His sentence rarely survived to the crucifixion. Yet God bore this punishment that you had amassed so that you would not be subjected to the same. As Jesus died, the sky went black, the Earth trembled, and men believed. As the prophecy foretold, in three days Jesus rose from the grave, defeating death and Hell, and with Him He delivered souls to everlasting life and Heaven.

This gift of life is free to those who would seek it and accept it. God demands that mankind repent of their sins, that is, to stop sinning, apologize for past, present, and future transgressions, and do their best to live a righteous life, and God demands that you put your full faith in Jesus Christ to save you from the Wrath to come. Jesus Christ will save you from Wrath, like a parachute will save you from gravity; but in order to be saved by that parachute, you must put it on, and have the faith to use it. In order to be saved by Christ, you must let God attribute Jesus’ righteousness to you, and have faith in His saving graces.

Once you have repented and put your trust in Jesus Christ, God will create a new heart in you, your name will be written in the book of life, and the gates of Heaven will be opened to you. This will happen for all those who have received the atonement of Jesus Christ, not because they deserved life, but because they deserved death and were forgiven by God.

Global Warming, whether real or not, is a ploy developed by the devil in order to distract you from your impending judgment, and I plead with you to ascertain the salvation of your soul before you’ll worry about the physical health of the planet.

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