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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Biblomorphism Article 7 - Heresy

Bible Verse - Matthew 7:15-16
Species - Ostrich

In research for this article, I came across a complete article on this very topic. I had originally planned to title this article, "False Conversion", but the Aberdeen Bestiary written in 1200 A.D. labeled its article "Heresy". Often in order to be a heretic, you must have had a false conversion; and thus I changed my article title to reflect as such.

See "Of the Ostrich": (Especially page 2)
Page One
Page Two
Page Three
It goes through page 7,
but the point is made by page three.
Page Four
Page Five
Page Six
Page Seven

If your Christian counterparts seem free from sin, swifter to seek after Godly things, and posessing a lighter heart, please ensure you have repented and placed your trust in Christ, you will know you have been forgiven, your new heart will be light and like the Butterfly in article 6, you will be loosed from the bondage of the Law.

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