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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the Garden of Eden

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and the fish and the foul and all the animals and man, and placed man in the Garden. And it was good. When God says something is good, He means it is perfect.

Then along came Eve, who was not the first to sin (Lucifer was the first), but she was the first to sin on Earth. She committed many sins that day along with Adam.

First, she doubted God's word, she did not believe, "I will surely die", she broke the most important Commandment which says to Love God with all your heart mind and soul. Then she sought to be a god by eating the fruit, which meant she coveted power. Then she ate of the forbidden tree, which broke the commandment, "Don't eat from that tree".

Then Adam and Eve hid their shame through their own handiwork, they sewed itchy fig leaves together and covered themselves and hid from God. This created a god to suit themselves, they knew God was sovereign and omniscient, but they thought they could hide from Him, it was a great insult. Then God asked (with great sarcasm in His voice), Where are you? And they said they were afraid because they were naked. This was a lie, they were afraid because they had transgressed God's command. Finally, God asked Adam if he had eaten of the tree, and Adam blamed Eve. In attempting to justify himself, Adam insulted (blasphemed) God's sovereignty.

So in the Garden, which heresofar had been "good" (aka perfect), Adam and Eve broke the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th commandment.

God KILLED an animal (probably a lamb or sheep) and covered Adam and Eve's shame. This death marked the fall from perfection, and death has run rampant on earth ever since. We live in a fallen creation, all because of sin.

So if you have any sin, any at all, then you will not be allowed into Heaven, because the wages of sin is death. Heaven will be Paradise, but if sin is allowed to enter, then Heaven will be as fallen as Earth, and it won’t be Heaven or Paradise.

There are three words that describe our fate.

Justice – When we get what we deserve. Sin should result in instant death, but God is long-suffering and merciful. I deserve Hell, you deserve Hell, we all deserve Hell. God will be glorified in this as perfectly just judgment.
Mercy – When we don’t get what we deserve. Currently we are living on Earth still wearing our itchy fig leaf covering. God is glorified in His longsuffering.
Grace – When we get what we don’t deserve. Jesus lived a perfect life and faced a sinners judgment so that we can live a sinners life and face a righteous judgment. All because He loves us and He will get all the glory for being a kind and benevolent God.

So I beg of you, shed your fa├žade of fig leaf and put on the Lamb, lest justice befall you.