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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Purpose of this Blog

When my friend and brother in Christ, David Wheaton, suggested I start a blog, my first reaction was...what would I write in it? At the time I was (still am) internet preaching at the Washington Post, leeching off of their readership of unregenerate wrong(left)-wingers in hopes that one or all of them come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

It was during one of these preaching events that I realized I needed an archive to fall back on for common questions that came up. Such as the sinfulness of sin, the religion of evolution, the Garden of Eden, works righteousness, total depravity, and lately I've been using this blog to record various open-air and rough-drafts of church sermons.

I am not very interesting, and I have no agenda seperate than saving souls. I wish this blog could be more loving, but it is not geared towards my brethren (brothers and sisters) in Christianity, but rather towards the unregenerate. As some of my church-family have begun to read this blog, as well as believing friends and those from Adventures in Christianity (adventuresinchristianity.com), I've been debating turning this blog more towards believers...but I have scrapped this idea because while edification of the saints is important, this is an outreach blog and not for edification. This is my personality, while I love to fellowship as well as comforting believers, my calling is seeking and saving the lost, the Lazarus' of the world (See Luke 16).

Even still, I don't want to abandon my Sanctified readers, so in the upcoming weeks I am going to write a few entries on sharing your faith. Sharing your faith is not a gift, there is no such thing as the gift of evangelism, and if there were, I wouldn't have it. Rather there is a COMMAND for evangelism, and God has given us the secret weapon, called the conscience, and most Christians don't know how to use it.

It is my hope that I can share the operating parameters of this weapon and still maintain an evangelon blog.

Thanks for reading, I never expected to have a recurring readership, I expected heathens either seeking living water or trampling pearls.


Diesel said...

Interesting blog. I admire your directness.

Kat said...

Just keep on being obedient, and God will continue to use you in ways you wouldn't have ever expected! :)