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Thursday, September 6, 2007

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Not Forsaken me?

In remembrance of the events on 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, the following was in responce to Dr. Susan Brooks Thistelwaite, an unsaved UCC minister:

Where was God on 9/11? Saving the lives of over 48,000 people, using the devastation that we bring to this world to turn it for good, that many are saved, as they are today. On a normal Tuesday morning the Twin Towers contained roughly 50,000 people, not counting surrounding buildings and people on the street. That day 48,000 of them were running late. 96% of people that were supposed to be at work were not.

Abraham pleaded with God, if you find 50 righteous people, please do not destroy Sodom.

God agreed, if I find 50 righteous people, Sodom will be spared.

God lowered the number so that if He could find only 10 righteous people in Sodom, the city would be spared.

We know today from archaeological evidence that Sodom was destroyed by a simultaneous meteor shower, earthquake, and volcano. Where was God on that day? He was raining shrapnel down on Sodom.

"God, if you find 10 righteous people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, please do not destroy it."

The question here is whether or not you think you are righteous.

Have you ever told a lie? God says that lying lips are an ABOMINATION, that all liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

Have you ever killed anyone? Jesus said that if you hate someone or call them an idiot, you are in danger of judgment as a murderer.

Have you kept the name of God holy? Calling out, "Oh My God!" in a callous and flippant way is called blasphemy and the Bible says that God will not hold him blameless that takes His name in vain.

The one that got me, Have you ever committed adultery? Jesus said, "Whosoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already with her in his heart." God is concerned with the intentions of the heart and not just when you act on them.

There was not a righteous man found in New Orleans, not on the Gulf Coast, not in the Twin Towers, so we should not be surprised at all that God did not divinely stop those catastrophes. We should rather wonder why we don't see more, why we have been thus far successful in thwarting the major terrorist plots of the world, why natural disasters don't occur every where, every day.

I am comforted that not a single person died in these events that would not die eventually. It is appointed once for a man to die, and then the judgment.

If you face God today, would He be justified in sentencing you to Hell? The Book of your Conscience has recorded every thought, word, and deed and it will be opened as you are prosecuted. What will you offer as defense?

God knew that there was no loophole or attorney you could find to save you, but because He loved you, not that you loved Him, He became manifest in the flesh as the man Jesus Christ, where He lived a perfect, sinless, blemish-free life and offered Himself up as the payment for your sins on the cross at Calvary. You broke the law and He paid your fine.

When you stand before the Judge of the Universe, you can be absolved of your transgressions because your fine has been paid. The only requirement is that you repent of your sins, in other words turn from sin and thirst after righteousness. Once you have done this you will know that you are forgiven, you will be born-again into the family of God, an event as substantial as the first time you were born into the world.

As death and destruction come your way, you will not wonder why God allows it to happen, but rather why He has postponed the inevitable and most importantly, why He would see fit to save a wretch like you, that while many were dying you were given the opportunity to repent or perish.


Anonymous said...


If you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you say you are "saved" for eternity. what then becomes of you if you do commit a sin afterwards? Are you still "saved", If so, your blog is full of holes, If not, your ideas of being "saved" are wrong

Anonymous said...


I tried posting a comment yesterday, but apparently you felt it was not worthy to be posted, so I will try again. The more I re-read your blog, the more exception I have to take to it.

Who are you to judge if there were any righteous people in New Orleans, or the Twin towers. God did not stop that from happening, not because people are evil and they got what they deserve, it happened because we have free will. God does not punish and destroy people, he begs us to choose him and follow him. He forgives us. That is why we have free will, he gave us a way to salvation, we have to choose to follow him.

that leads me to my comments from yesterday. If you believe a person is "saved" for all time once he accepts Jesus, how can he be condemmed for sinning? If you believe he can be condemed for sinning, how can he be "saved" for all time?

Anonymous said...


you aren't being very fun or a good debater :) let people start posting comments again please

Anonymous said...

I just re read this blog again, and noticed a small error, Abraham pleaded with God and Abraham chose the number of people, and each time Abraham lowered the number, God only agreed.

How do you know that the time in the towers was not God giving those people one last chance to choose him? Same with New Orleans, the hurricane didn't destroy the city, it was the floods that followed. Once again, a chance for repentence.

I think if you take the time to sit back and look at religion from a different point of view, you might see you have blinders on. Keep up the good intentions and you are in my prayers

Anonymous said...

did you give up on comments?

Anonymous said...


I would like to believe you just haven't checked your blog in awhile, but you might not be posting my comments. either way, i will still send them to you.
I got to thinking about a verse you quote often in all of your blogs. "...if you look lustfully at a woman, you have already committed adultry..." but if you continue to read-on, Jesus also says it is wrong to divorce your wife. If most fundamentalist believe in sola scriptura and take the bible for what it says, why do all protestant religions consent to divorce? Is this just another step away from the true church? Now you (maybe not personally)allow or tolerate, divorce, birth control, and homosexuality. Those all seem to be very grave sins that are highlighted througout the bible. Please explain how something so fundamental is not practiced by fundamentalists.

Anonymous said...


You have become rather boring. I was looking forward to discussing matters of faith with you. I guess you are just not up to it. I will check back regularly, hopefully we can talk again

C. Shearer said...

My apologies for a technical error I made, this blog was supposed to simply notify me of comments, not require my consent for posting. Instead it required consent and failed to notify.

You can accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour all your want, it will do as much good as Osama Bin Laden accepting America as his country. The best either you or Bin Laden can do is beg, the authority does the accepting.

Who am I to judge? I am a minister of the Living God, a watchman warning of the impending judgment. People are evil and most do not get what they deserve in life; a few people in New York and New Orleans did, you should thank God that you were spared.

You have a few low view of the payment on Calvary. It is good for past, present, and future sins. You can't choose God, He chooses you. Whom He chooses He will sanctify.

See my latest post about Smyrna, which was written before reading your comments, but providentially, it answers your last question.