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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Proof of Evolution (aka The Dying Religion of Evolution)

Proponents of the religion of evolution have inadvertently proved evolution with their transition to Scaredy Cats (felicae scaredicae). Although there is no discernable external difference between a true scientist and these pseudoscientific scaredy cats, the inward differences are enormous.

A scientist looks at evidence and forms a hypothesis, then produces a study to test the hypothesis. If a hypothesis cannot be proven, it is determined to be false.

A scaredy cat forms a conclusion, then desperately searches for corroborating evidence and becomes violent when scientists explain that what they are doing makes them religious fanatics instead of scientists.

It is unclear at this point if this is the ancestor of the common house cat, that the scaredy cat is the long-lost missing link between homo evolutionus and our feline friends. Further study is necessary to determine if evolutionists have genetic traits which may someday, in a million years or so, produce improved night vision, and whether or not evolutionists have a higher propensity for rodents or birds. Another area to be studied is whether or not evolutionists enjoy being scratched behind the ears.

It is clear, at this point, that the scaredy cat is ill-equipped to survive in its scientific environment. Studies show that this new species would be more suited to worship their gods, Father Time and Random Chance, in the intellectual vacuums of liberal colleges.

The natural enemies of felicae scaredicae are the domesticated canine, the scientifically minded human being, and the Righteous Judge of the Universe.

Whether you choose to believe evolution or not, you have to agree that it is separated from science by a vast margin. You could not start from a blank slate and build a worldview with the "evidence" for evolution. You have to start with the presupposition, 'Evolution occurs' and then you can pretend evidence fits the model.

When you go to the doctor, would you rather he said, "Welcome to my office, you have appendicitis, now let me examine you and find supporting facts for my guess." Or would you rather he examine you then make his diagnosis?

Just as a building proves a builder and a painting proves a painter, creation proves a Creator. Natural laws prove order, the conscience proves absolutes in morality. Conversion proves that a huge number of people have underwent a major lifechange in connection with the name of Jesus Christ.

In the lab, nothing has never produced something. Therefore, from evidence, there had to be a first cause, the big bang is simply a bad guess at a point in time when everything was small, the existence of everything goes unanswered.

In the lab, nonliving things have never created life. Therefore, from evidence, life could not begin without external input.

In the lab, gas is consumed when it burns. In the sun, gas is consumed when it burns. 20 Million years ago, the sun would have reached earths present position.

In the lab, salinity content increases as salt is introduced. Increasing salinity of the oceans, as measured from 1850 to today point to a relatively pure ocean in ~2500 BC.

In the lab, fossils require near perfect conditions to form. These conditions include instant submersion of bones into water.

In the lab, order requires external input. Failure to add external input results in disorder.

In the lab, no animal has ever transitioned between archetypes (except for felicae scaredicae).

In the lab, all dating methods break down after a maximum of 3,000 years.

In the lab, dating methods become inconclusive if specimens get wet.

In the lab, nothing has ever defeated death for an extended period of time.

In the lab, fossils of 80% of known living species have been found in the Cambrian layer, yet 0-0.0000001% of transitional fossils have been found.

In the lab, a disassembled Mercedes Benz remains a pile of parts for 1 day, 1 week, 1 year, 1 century, 1 millenium without external input despite all of the pieces being there.

In the lab, children, ranging in ages from 2-10 from a myriad of backgrounds, universally agree that a toy car, a cat, a painting, and the sun all have a creator.

It defies evidence that evolution could occur, so I gently implore these scaredy cats to stop saying, "The evidence points to evolution."

Whether this is the truth or not, it is a scientific analysis, it is both repeatable and measurable. Look at your keyboard, it proves a keyboard maker, your mouse proves a mouse maker, look at your eye, it is the most complex camera ever made, containing 137 million light sensitive cells which focus faster than you can think, with a protective covering and built in windshield wipers, not only so, but it contains a built in monocular method for depth perception in one-eye models; it proves an eye maker.

If the religion of evolution is true, why did nature decide to see light waves and yet I can't see 97.5kHz on the FM dial? How come I can't hear red? Why can't I feel B-sharp? Evolution missed out on a huge and useful energy spectrum.

On the other hand, God asks, "Can you send electricity so that when it arrives it says, "Here I am."" (Job 38:35) Our bodies are designed to receive various information just like a radio or a tv or an oscilloscope, it is the only viable answer to our strangely inadequate sensory perception.

Evolution claims you can build a worldview on a heap of hydrologically sorted and preserved bones and say that nothing became everything. So far the only evidence evolution has produced is the scaredy cat.

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