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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Biblomorphism Article 3 – The Sinfulness of Sin

Bible Verse – Joel 1:4
Species – Locust

Amongst the plagues of the world, the locust swarm is one of the most feared, from the ancient world even to today. The locust is insatiable, all consuming, unpredictable, and terrifyingly swift; usually the sinfulness of sin is related to fire; however I am glad to examine the locust as a different example.

Locusts travel in groups, eating crops; as a swarm of locusts devour a field, the food source is completely consumed and the swarm must move on to the next field. While this is devastating to both the fields and those that count on the fields for sustenance, it is equally damning for the locust. It is surmised that the extinction of many locust species can be attributed to overcrowding of fields leading to mass millions of the insect starving to death.

If it were possible to examine each individual locust in a swarm of millions, it would be readily apparent that each insect is merely striving to survive. When seen in the millions, this selfish behavior wreaks havoc and provides no discernable constructive end from the devastation.

The most insatiable of all sins is the sin of lust.

Lust knows no satisfaction, there is no quota, nor any limit to the perverseness of desire. The majority of our sodomite nation’s men are addicted to pornography, as addicted to porn as they are to air. Larry the Cable Guy said it best when he said, “After you’ve seen one woman naked……you pretty much want to see all of them naked.” There is no amount of pornography or hours of viewing that magically are enough. Instead excessive viewing leads to greater depravity. Just as the locust will consume ripe crops first, then move to fledgling crops, then settle for seedlings, and finally die for lack of food; so will the porn addict seek after exceedingly sinful sex acts, until complete spiritual death ensues.

The exceeding sinfulness of sin can be viewed in the insatiable appetite of the locust, and the complete destruction that follows the swarm. Repent of your sin, lest your selfishness lead to your extinction.

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