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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Biblomorphism Article 5 – Total Depravity

Bible Verse – Psalm 14:3
Species – Great White Shark

In the History of the world, there have been some truly heinous acts committed.

In the name of God, men crucified Christ
In the name of Christ, men made the streets of Jerusalem flow blood
In the name of Allah, men flew airplanes into buildings
In the name of Buddha, men murder those who deny him
In the name of Kings, men oppressed nations
In the name of Queens, men allowed nations to starve
In the name of Evolution, men proclaimed the master race and murdered six million men women and children
In the name of Socialism, men in charge of the Soviet Union documented over 100-million murders
In the name of Atheism, men have murdered clergymen
In the name of Money, men murder in cold blood
In the name of Drugs, men sell daughters into slavery
In the name of Land, men killed millions of Native Americans
In the name of Gold, men wiped out whole people groups
In the name of Princesses, men have gone to war
In the name of Women, men have taken high-powered rifles into clock towers
In the name of Peace, men dropped nuclear weapons
In the name of Babies, men bombed abortion clinics
In the name of Tolerance, men ignore gross sexual acts
In the name of Sex, men allow 1 in 4 dead from the AIDS virus to be babies
In the name of Entertainment, sex has become the nations official religion
In the name of Choice, men have murdered fifty million human beings

There is one common theme through all this. There is no limit to the deceitfulness of the human heart; just when we expected that nothing could top atheistic communism, we find a terrorist group which trains its children that strapping a bomb to their little bodies and running into a marketplace is their highest and best usefulness.

Total depravity, in brief, is the doctrine that no matter how hard we try, we fall short of the glory of God; even when our motives are for good.

The animal created to show the total depravity of man is the Great White Shark, which is often referred to as a killing machine. This animal is terrifying, they are never mentioned in a positive light. This animal kills without discernment. The reason I believe this animal is the embodiment of total depravity is because when it is anthropomorphized, we see it as simply trying to survive. All of creation worships God (Psalm 148), and just as our human condition, so is the entire world post-fall. When that shark attempts to eat a seal to survive, and that seal ends up being a surfer, the motives of the shark become deadly to an image of the Living God. Simply in existing, the shark is deadly and dangerous and manifests death no matter its motives.

Such are we, despite our greatest attempt to worship God and glorify Him, we fall desperately short, and through the actions of mankind, evil is manifest. God has offered salvation despite this, and is the only One capable of correcting the total depravity of the soul.

For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God. - 2 Corinthians 5:21

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Anonymous said...

"In the name of Atheism, men have murdered clergymen."

Can you please provide some evidence of this? New to me.